What should I do if I don't receive my reward for completing an offer?

Although Yamgo works hard to provide the best offers, unfortunately sometimes there may be problems receiving your reward. Here is what to do if you have not received a reward for an offer you have completed.

  1. Log in to your Yamgo Account
  2. Click the EARN tab
  3. Click on HISTORY
  4. On the offer you didn’t receive a reward for, click on the blue SUPPORT box
  5. Read through and confirm the conditions by checking the box at the bottom, then click on CONTACT SUPPORT, this should open up your default email application and fill in the required details for you
  6. In the email, explain the issue you have where prompted and then send the email


The offer provider will then be able to handle your request directly. Please note that it can take up to 48 hours to process your reward. Yamgo delivers your HBAR reward immediately after it is processed.


Why does this happen? 

Some common reasons why an offer may not track correctly or might not be rewarded:

  • Using a VPN/Proxy is prohibited.
  • Using an emulator of any kind is prohibited.
  • You must start and complete the offer from the same device and location.
  • You must be a new user to any app/offer you attempt
  • Please pay attention to the period of time which you must complete the offer, some are time limited.
  • Your reward may be delayed up to 48 hours unless otherwise stated.
  • On mobile apps - it is recommended to open the app straight away after installing. A delay may result in the offer not being correctly tracked
  • You must accept any tracking/cookie requests in the Yamgo mobile app (if you are using the mobile app) and on the page/app of any offer you try to redeem


The Yamgo support team works hard to try and rectify any offer that may have mistakenly not been tracked. Unfortunately this often takes a bit of time to investigate but we aim to make sure that everybody who has legitimately completed an offer gets fairly rewarded.