How to create Yamgo account?

Creating your Yamgo account is fast and easy!

First, Head to and click the register button.

Fill out all of your details. Make sure you use your real name and email address or you won't receive any rewards.

When the form is finished click the register button and your account will be created. Yamgo will send you an email to check that email address is working.

Next up is creating your Hedera account - this is where Yamgo will send all of you all of your rewards

As you will see on the page, some keys for a Hedera have already been generated for you. These keys are generated directly on your device and Yamgo cannot access them.

It is your responsibility to make sure you write down and securely store your keys and mnemonic. Keep in mind that if you refresh the page the keys for your account will change.

This is very important: If you lose your keys you will never be able to access your rewards. They will be locked up forever.

After saving your keys and phrase - double check them. If you're sure that your keys and phrase are saved correctly and securely stored then press the "use generated key" button, read the warning and if you're happy, press to continue.

Your account may take a few minutes to process. When it's finished you'll be redirected to the dashboard page and you'll have already earned your first reward.