How to Restore your Yamgo Account in MyHbarWallet

Do you want to earn rewards in Yamgo from staking and offers but you prefer using a different wallet to manage your crypto, like MyHbarWallet? Using the mnemonic phrase/secret key you were given when you created your Yamgo account you can “restore” your wallet in a different app. Here is a short guide how to do it: 

  1. Open MyHbarWallet Website
  2. Select “Access” on navigation bar on top of the website

  3. Select "Software"
  4. Select “Mnemonic Phrase” or “Private Key” whatever is more convenient for you

  5. Put your Yamgo private key or mnemonic phrase depending on your choice and select ‘Access Wallet”

  6. Put Account ID that you created with Yamgo and select “Continue"

    That’s it your account is now synced!

    By importing your Yamgo account into MyHbarWallet, you can access your funds and use the features on both Yamgo and MyHbarWallet. Always make sure to keep your private keys or mnemonic phrases safe and secure