How to transfer HBAR with Yamgo?

Earning HBAR is great, but how can you send it somewhere else?

To get started head to, log in to your account and click the "Send" page in the menu.

Enter the token amount you want to send. 

Enter the recipient account ID. Each ID is different but it usually starts with 0.0.

Double check the details you have entered are correct and click the CREATE TRANSACTION button. 

You can also add a Memo to the transaction such as a reference number or a little message to someone close. This part is optional, you do not need to add a memo unless you want to or have been asked to by the recipient.

Press the SEND IN BROWSER button. You will now be prompted to enter your secret key. This was given to you when you joined Yamgo and created your Hedera account

You should only do this if you are sure that the computer and network you are using are secure and free from malware.

When you are finished press SUBMIT. The transaction will now be submitted to the network.