What is Yamgo Boost?

Yamgo Boost is a feature that allows you to claim a free random HBAR reward every day.

The rewards provided by Yamgo Boost are based on your Prestige Rank and your Boost Level. The higher your level and the greater your prestige rank, the more rewards and benefits you earn.
Your account will automatically be enrolled in the Yamgo Boost when you have reached Bronze prestige level and Boost Level 1.
When you qualify for Yamgo Boost you'll be able to achieve your first Boost Reward within the next 24 hours.

The minimum requirement for Boost level 1 are,

- 250 Yamgo Points

- 80 HBAR

Once both of those requirements are met, you can start claiming your daily Boost!

Log in every day to head to the boost page and claim your Boost reward